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Parenting with Presence

Those who are closest to us can sometimes feel the farthest away as we jostle for power, control, love, and space. Parents and children often develop unspoken rules to govern this struggle, and unintentionally repeat patterns from the past in order to create a sense of stability. However, that struggle and fragile sense of stability can result in both our and our children's truest, deepest needs going unmet. We will work to uncover what feelings and patterns from the past are governing your actions as a parent, then help to develop new ways of relating to your children and your role as their caregiver. This process can create greater freedom, growth, and flexibility in the face of the developmental challenges and crossroads that every parent must encounter.

As a parenting coach and consultant, I attend to whatever needs the most pressing attention in your family. In addition to office meetings, I offer home and school visits to help determine the most expedient course of action to help your family navigate your current developmental challenge. These unique consultations are often short-term, and families may return for periodic visits to address new issues as they emerge. Consider me your parenting partner from birth until your children launch, and even beyond!  

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