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"Adulting" - Growing up and into ourselves

Life is full of ups and downs – periods of success and ease, and periods of challenge and frustration. Although they are a necessary component of our growth and development, the periods of developmental challenge can seem insurmountable, and we may wish to avoid them, leading to developmental arrests, failure to launch, and feeling like a perpetual child. In spite of our natural human tendency to flee from pain, the only way out is through. By venturing into the darkness, we can begin to soften the extreme blacks and whites of life into subtler shades of gray, and more clearly see behavioral and emotional patterns that are no longer serving us. This journey allows us to accept and integrate the diverse parts of our selves, bringing meaning and purpose to our existence, allowing for greater intimacy with others, and enabling us to grow into mature adults. I cannot take this journey for you, but I can be your companion and guide as you venture into the darkness and emerge on the other side.

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